text, ntext, and image data types are invalid for local variables

SQL Server 2000 may give you this error if you try writing a Stored Procedure like:

DECLARE @Stuff1 char
DECLARE @TelText text

SET @Stuff1='C'
SET @TelText=(SELECT TextColumn FROM TestTable WHERE ID=1)

INSERT INTO tmpTable (somestuff, thetextcol) values
  (@Stuff1, @TelText)

As the error message suggests, SQL Server 2000 does not allow declaring variables of the type text, ntext or image.

A simple way of accomplishing the same thing is:

DECLARE @Stuff1 char

SET @Stuff1='C'

INSERT INTO tmpTable (somestuff, thetextcol)
  select @Stuff1, TextColumn FROM TestTable WHERE ID=1


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